Let's Rethink This

Celebrating Black History with Pearl and Michelle

March 21, 2022 Abby Berger Episode 38
Let's Rethink This
Celebrating Black History with Pearl and Michelle
Show Notes

Date: March 21, 2022  

Name of Show: Let’s Rethink This 

Episode title and number: Celebrating Black History with Pearl & Michelle  

Brief summary of show: This week I am speaking with two Independence Center members, Pearl and Michelle about Black History Month and how members and staff have been celebrating this month. Pearl and Michelle both participate in the member led group, The Conversation Stars Here. This group meets weekly, and their mission is to “promote unity, dialogue, action, and education to create a safe, antiracist, and equitable atmosphere of belonging. This group discusses all types of diversity, equity, and inclusion matters but for the purposes of this conversation we will be speaking about Black History Month. 

Bullet points of key topics & timestamps: 

1:15 - 2:30 Pearl & Michelle's Background  

3:09 - 5:05 Black History Month  

5:15 - 5:56 Why Celebrating Black History is Important for Black People  

6:31 - 7:53 Establishment of Conversation Starts Here  

8:09 -  11:14 How 'Conversation Starts Here' Benefits Members  

11:23 - 14:12 Why It's Important to Celebrate Black History Month in February  

16:03 - 21:57 Celebrations of Black History  

25:31 - 28:42 Blackfishing or Passing for Black  

28:53 - 29:36 Celebrating Diversity 

35:03 - 37:11 Stigma of Mental Illness in the Black Community 

37:11 - 40:15 Importance of Black Providers in Mental Health Settings 

List of resources mentioned in episode:  

Independence Center 

Passing Film 

Imitation of Life Film 

Black Girl, Bleu Film   

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