Let's Rethink This

Supporting Care Partners with NAMI

May 31, 2021 Abby Berger Episode 3
Let's Rethink This
Supporting Care Partners with NAMI
Show Notes

Date: May 31, 2021 

Name of Show:  Let’s Rethink This 

Episode title and number: Episode 003 Supporting Care Partners with NAMI 

Brief summary of show:  Today we are going to be talking with Jackie Hudson, former staff member and longtime NAMI volunteer and Angela Berra, Director of Programs for NAMI St. Louis about what care partners wish they knew when a friend or family was diagnosed with a severe mental illness. We talk about first person experiences of supporting family members living with a mental illness and talk about the resources NAMI offers.  

Bullet points of key topics & timestamps:  

7:57 – 17:28 Angela shares about all the programs NAMI STL offers  

23:16 –29:09 Jackie and Angela share about the mental illness diagnosis and care plans and the importance of individual care plans; the importance of having someone with lived experience supporting others with a new diagnosis  

30:00 – 34:40 NAMI on a national level, advocacy, national conferences on best practices  

List of resources mentioned in episode:  

NAMI STL HelpLine, 314-962-4670, info@namistl.org  

Behavioral Health Response Crisis Line, 1-800-811-4760 

Independence Center Clubhouse Services  

List of NAMI Programming 

Social media handles, shareable link of podcast 

You can find NAMI on Facebook and YouTube @NAMIStLouis, or Instagram and Twitter @NAMISTL 

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