Let's Rethink This

Addressing Global Mental Health with Jack Yatsko

September 20, 2021 Abby Berger Episode 19
Let's Rethink This
Addressing Global Mental Health with Jack Yatsko
Show Notes

Date: 09/20/2021 

Name of Show: Let’s Rethink This 

Episode title and number: Addressing Global Mental Health with Jack Yatsko 

Brief summary of show:  Today I am speaking with Jack Yatsko, Chief Operating Officer at Clubhouse International. Jack’s role includes overseeing the programs at Clubhouse International, new clubhouse development, training, and supporting training bases. He has been in the social work field for his entire career. He has a master's in Social Work and started his Clubhouse career as the Clubhouse Director of Friendship House in Hawaii. Clubhouse International focuses on expanding the Clubhouse model around the world, accredits new and existing Clubhouses to meet standards, trains, promotes public awareness, advocates for more funding and support of mental health programs, and develops and enhances research approaches to measure effectiveness of the Clubhouse model. 

Bullet points of key topics & timestamps:  

1:17 - 3:34 Jack’s Background & Connection to Clubhouse International  

3:51 - 9:09 What is a Clubhouse International? 

10:00 - 12:40 Supportive Care Community  

14:05 - 18:17 Becoming a Global Organization 

19:12 – 21:39 Clubhouse Work Order Day, Units, and Standards  

22:41 - 27:17 International Partnerships 

33:41 – 38:30 Landscape of Mental Health During the Pandemic  

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Employment Program 

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